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  • What new residents need to know about saving for retirement

    What new residents need to know about saving for retirement

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    Residency brings a lot of firsts: first admission, first discharge, first actual orders, first prescriptions, and for a lot of people, their first real paycheck. When you go through your hospital’s new employee orientation, they’ll talk to you about saving some of that paycheck for retirement. You’ll most likely have at least one option presented by Human Resources, as …Read More »
  • How far from the hospital should I live in residency?

    How far from the hospital should I live in residency?

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    Continuing our theme of housing and home-buying topics for folks who are getting ready to start residency, let’s consider another common question: how far should I live from the hospital?  Of course, as with anything else, it depends. Let’s look at a few of the factors to consider. Commute Time It’s important to remember that as a …Read More »
  • Mortgage Basics and Terminology

    Mortgage Basics and Terminology

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    Now that we have talked a little bit about whether you should buy a house and the types of mortgages available, we will review some key terms that you will need to be familiar with in order to understand the detailed explanations of each kind of mortgage which are coming up in the next several posts.  Amortization …Read More »
  • Mortgage Options

    Mortgage Options

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    So you’ve decided to buy a house. If you haven’t read the previous post about whether or not you should buy a house, I would recommend reviewing that post. Depending on your circumstances, you have a lot of options available on the kind of mortgage to get. In this post I’ll briefly cover each of the major types …Read More »
  • For Physical Therapists

    For Physical Therapists

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    So you want to be a military physical therapist? There are a few ways to get there. If you are already a practicing physical therapist If you are already a civilian physical therapist, you can likely commission in any of the three services without much trouble, and get some nice loan repayment out of it. For example, the …Read More »

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