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  • Mortgage Options

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    So you’ve decided to buy a house. If you haven’t read the previous post about whether or not you should buy a house, I would recommend reviewing that post. Depending on your circumstances, you have a lot of options available on the kind of mortgage to get. In this post I’ll briefly cover each of the major types …Read More »
  • For Physical Therapists

    For Physical Therapists

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    So you want to be a military physical therapist? There are a few ways to get there. If you are already a practicing physical therapist If you are already a civilian physical therapist, you can likely commission in any of the three services without much trouble, and get some nice loan repayment out of it. For example, the …Read More »
  • How to place a urinary catheter (in-and-out or Foley)

    How to place a urinary catheter (in-and-out or Foley)

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    It sounds silly, but I have found that people often struggle to place urinary catheters in female patients, especially patients with higher BMIs. Once you understand what landmarks to look for, though, you’ll be able to get the catheter in the right spot every time!   The first step in placing a catheter is to identify the …Read More »
  • Adding New How-Tos

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    Hey everyone! As we all prepare for the new academic year (including a lot of people hopefully preparing for away rotations and preparing to start OB/GYN residencies), I’m going to try to put out a series of posts on key procedures in OB/GYN. You will find them under Study Tools > Essential Skills. I’m somewhat limited in …Read More »
  • Back in action!

    The site was out of commission for a while but I’m happy to say we are back up and working on getting some new content together for you. As we are planning what to write about next, please let me know if you have things you want to read about! Indy (Visited 35 times, 1 visits today)Read More »

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