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Get a good stethoscope. Seriously. Invest in a nice one because you will use it every single day for at LEAST your third and fourth year of medical school and first year of residency. These ones are popular and receive good reviews:

Welch Allyn Harvey Elite

This is the Welch Allyn Harvey Elite stethoscope. It’s the one that I use, and I have been very happy with it.

Littman Mater Cardiology

This is the Littman Master Cardiology. Very popular, with wonderful acoustics, but also a bit on the expensive side.

Littman Classic III

This is the Littman Classic III. It is probably the stethoscope that I see the most often on the wards, and it’s less expensive than the other two.

Reflex Hammers

As a resident, I honestly mostly just use my stethoscope to check reflexes, but my med school wanted me to have a reflex hammer…

Taylor hammer

I would recommend a basic Taylor hammer. They are cheap, durable, and do pretty much everything a student needs.

Tromner hammer

I initially bought a fancier Tromner hammer. It was heavy, expensive, and awkward to carry around in my pocket. I don’t recommend it.

Babinski hammer

Some people like a telescoping Babinski hammer. They can be easier to use than a Taylor hammer, and they are less awkward to carry around than a Tromner hammer.

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