What your patients need to hear about CPR

Lately, I have come across some really wonderful posts by fellow clinicians about topics that I think are important to share and discuss. I will be periodically sharing these articles, comics, and other items of interest under the header “Around the Web.” So, without further ado, I present the first of these articles!

The issue of CPR and adult resuscitation in the hospital comes up less often in OB/GYN than in many other specialties. Our patients are generally young and healthy. That being said, as physicians, it all of our responsibility to educate our patients, our families, and our communities about key issues in healthcare. In-hospital resuscitation and end-of-life care is one of those key issues. I would encourage you to read this article by Dr. K.V. Scruggs, and to share it with everyone you know. Seriously.

The Dirty Secret about CPR in the Hospital (That Doctors Desperately Want You to Know)

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