Introducing the Military Residency Wiki

Here is my latest project – the military residency wiki. As a student, I felt like I didn’t learn what I really wanted to know about the military residencies until it was too late. To help other students, I decided to create the military residency wiki, to create a resource for military residency applicants. I’m trying to create pages on all of the military programs, but of course my knowledge is pretty much limited to the places where I have rotated, so I am really hoping that other military residents can help me out by adding information on your programs.

If you have interviewed or rotated somewhere, please add your thoughts in a comment so other users can get as many perspectives as possible.

There is a new wiki tab in the menu at the top, or you can find the wiki here.

Military residents, USUHS students, and rotating/interviewing fourth-years, please share your opinions and experiences!

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