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It’s hard to find information about the military residency programs. As an applicant, how are you supposed to decide where to rotate, where to interview, and where to rank? The most helpful information to me on the interview trail was the “gouge” from other applicants – what’s the vibe at each program, what are its priorities, what sets it apart? Which program is the most family-friendly? Which is the most laid-back? Which is the most formal? Which is the biggest? Which does the most research? By the time you know the answers to those questions, it’s the end of the interview season, and all of the knowledge that you have gained just gets tucked away in the back of your brain, and another year’s worth of students has the same experience.

This wiki exists to give applicants a way to share their experiences with other applicants, and to pass on our knowledge about the programs to other applicants that come after us.

I’m starting in my own specialty (OB/GYN) and hoping that other military residents, applicants, and rotating students will help me out by adding information.

If you have any experiences with any of the military residency programs, in any specialty, please comment or send me a message using the contact form in the bottom right corner of the page so I can add your thoughts the page. The more people contribute their experiences, the more helpful this will be.

I am counting on applicants (and current residents) to help me keep this wiki up to date. I don’t have a whole lot of interactions with people outside of my own program, so the only way for the wiki to continue to reflect reality is for people who ARE interacting with the program to send me updates. So, pretty please, fill me in as things change so I can pass that information on!

I’m still VERY new to the whole wiki thing and trying to figure out how it works, so please bear with me as I negotiate the technical aspects, and if you are a tech whiz and want to help me out, I certainly won’t stop you!

Happy reading, and good luck in the match!

Air Force Programs

Army Programs

Navy Programs


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  • Hi, after reading this awesome piece of writing i am as well delighted to share my familiarity here with colleagues.

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  • meghan munisteri

    Hi , I have the ARMY HPSP I am a third year medical student trying to narrow in on what I want to do. I was wondering if you know anything about the rules on listing to specialties during the match? Is that allowed?

    • Indy (admin)

      Thanks for your comment! The short answer is that yes, you can rank two specialties in the military match. I have gotten a lot of questions about this lately, so next week’s post is all about ranking a second specialty in the military match. It will be up on the site next Friday, September 30th.

  • James

    Hey, is there any information regarding civilian medical school students/graduates who want to pursue a military residency program? I mean, is it possible for a US medical school graduate to apply for a military residency program or is it only for US military medical school graduates? Thx

    • Indy (admin)

      That’s a great question! It is possible for civilian medical school graduates without a previous military commitment to enter the military match, if there are military residency slots leftover after the current obligated military medical students have matched. For more information about this option, check out this post.

  • Cynthia

    Great site. Thanks for the info!

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