OB/GYN Basics Podcast, Episode 001: The Routine OB Visit

OB/GYN Basics
OB/GYN Basics Podcast, Episode 001: The Routine OB Visit

Hey everyone! As a 3rd year medical student, I did a lot of my studying by listening to podcasts – in the car, out for a jog, on my lunch break, just about anywhere I had a few minutes but didn’t have a book with me. When I hit my OB/GYN rotation, though, I couldn’t find a podcast targeted at medical students that provided a basic overview of important topics in the field. Once I decided to go into OB/GYN, I figured maybe I could contribute something to the community by creating the podcast that I wish I had had as an M3 clerk. So here it is, episode 001 (yes, I’m feeling optimistic) of the OB/GYN Basics podcast. Once I have a few more episodes, I plan to get linked up with iTunes. In the meantime, feel free to listen online here, or download the file and listen later.

Since I’m fairly new to the podcasting game, please feel free to leave your comments! What was helpful to you? What wasn’t? What topics do you want to hear about?


Here it is, Episode 001: The Routine OB Visit


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  • Rachel

    I’m currently in my 3rd year of med on obgyn and found your podcast super helpful! When will you be recording more? I can’t seem to find any other podcasts that are as appropriate as yours are.

    • Indy (admin)

      So sorry for the delayed response! I’m really glad you found it helpful! That is exactly what the podcast was meant for. I’ll admit, this project has been on the back-burner during my internship. I’m hoping to get more episodes recorded over the next few months. Are there any particular topics that you would like to hear about?

      • Indy (admin)

        I just wanted to let you know that a new episode of the podcast will be going live tomorrow!

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