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As a student, I felt like I wasted a lot of time (which should have been spent studying) trying to figure out which resources were the best. So I’m working on building a list of the resources that I found the most helpful for clerkships and for USMLE. Please, help me build this list! Share your favorite resources, free and paid, online and on paper. I am trying to grow this list of resources regularly, but I am counting on readers to help me build this list. So please comment here if there is a category of resources that you would like to see, or comment on the category page if there is a resource that you found helpful, so I can add it to the list!

In the name of full disclosure, there are Amazon affiliate links in some of these pages. If you buy something from Amazon through these links, I will get a few pennies to help pay the site’s maintenance expenses. 

Resources for Students

Resources for Residents

Ok, residents in other specialties, help me out here! What resources can’t you live without?


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  • Lily

    This seems to be a very helpful page -thank you for posting. The link to Step 1 seems to pull up an error message though…

    • Indy (admin)

      Thanks for letting me know about the dead link. I’ll get that fixed right away!

    • Indy (admin)

      The dead link is fixed, and I also added a new link to some Family Medicine resources for students. It looks like some of the other links on this page were acting up as well, so those are all better now, too. Enjoy!

  • Lily

    Nevermind! I was able to get there through a different link ” Resources & Study Tools”

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