Suturing Videos

Running subcuticular

Duke has a series of suture technique videos which are PAINFULLY dry, but detailed and helpful. If you watched Pathoma on 1.5x, this will make you want to tear your hair out because he talks so very, very slowly…

Here is a less “academic” take that shows essentially the same thing. I skipped over the part at the beginning where the guy sits there and talks to you for a long time. Have I mentioned that I’m an OB/GYN resident, and we don’t like to sit still?

Running Locked

You should be able to do this by reaching THROUGH your loop to pick up your needle. Running locked closures are used for hemostasis (closing the hysterotomy during a cesarean, closing the vaginal mucosa of perineal laceration, etc). This video shows it correctly.

The way the people in this second video pick up their loop makes it easier to see what they are doing, but much fiddlier and more annoying to actually do. I strongly recommend doing it the first way.

What questions do you have? What other videos did you find helpful? Share in the comments!

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