Family Medicine Resources for Students

Free online study questions

Thanks to the user who shared this free resource! She said

“The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has ~1200 board review questions for FREE if you become a student member (also FREE). ¬†Great for help studying for the shelf exam!”

To access the questions, click here. If you don’t have an account with AAFP yet, go to the bottom of the page and click where it says “Don’t have an account? Create one now!”



Pre-Test Book/app/eBook

I liked the Pre-Test book for Family Medicine. You can get the hard copy, kindle version, or app.

Family Practice Board Review Book/App

The other book that I used was Family Practice Board Review, by McGraw-Hill. It’s actually meant to be for physicians studying for the family practice licensure boards, and it’s probably more detailed than you really need for a clerkship, but I found it to be helpful and user-friendly. It’s more expensive than the Pre-Test book, but I felt like it was more comprehensive. The version that I used was actually an iPad app with questions and case scenarios.


As with other clerkships, I also loved Firecracker.

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