OB/GYN Resources for Residents

Online Resources

Perinatology.com – Free

Perinatology.com has a lot of really helpful resources, free, 24/7. My favorites are

ACOG Publications – Free with membership

Don’t forget the ACOG Practice Bulletins, Committee Opinions, etc., on ACOG.org. Your program will likely provide an ACOG membership. If not, it’s free for students, so be sure to sign up before graduation!

Pocket Guides

These are the two most popular

The Red Leather Book

The “Red Leather Book” is the one that I use the most. It has handy charts, tables, and full-color illustrations. It is targeted mostly at MS4 students and interns, and is very user-friendly but you won’t likely find yourself referring to it much past your intern year.

The Red Book

The “Red Book” contains a bit more detailed information than the “Red Leather Book” but is less user-friendly in my opinion – it has fever pretty pictures.


ASCCP Mobile App for Pap smear screening and management – $9.99 in the app store

ASCCP Mobile App – This app, by the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, the organization that writes US Pap smear guidelines, outlines Pap smear screening guidelines, and it has click-through step by step management algorithms. You enter the patient’s characteristics and add information as you get it (first abnormal Pap, follow-up Pap/colpo, etc). This app is a lifesaver with complicated cases. It costs about $10 but it is absolutely worth it.

Gynecology Textbooks

Te Linde’s

Te Linde’s Operative Gynecology is a well-known and very reliable textbook for GYN surgery. It offers complete but concise descriptions of how to perform major gynecologic surgeries and is perfect for studying for day’s cases.

Williams Gynecology

Williams is a great resource for medical gynecology, and it’s definitely a go-to of many residency programs.


Obstetrics Textbooks

Williams Obstetrics

Williams Obstetrics is to OB what Williams Gynecology is to GYN – it’s a comprehensive and reliable resource for obstetric care.


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